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Carpentry and Woodwork Technology

Carpentry and Woodwork Technology Department is a department that once enjoyed good patronage in the past, but due to changes in value appreciation amongst young people, many youths no longer consider carpentry and woodwork career fashionable. So the department was closed down for a while, but recently we decided to re-open it due to the high job opportunity available for the graduates of this department. The department was re-established in 2014 to offer both technical and proficiency training to young people from Sunyani environs and beyond. The following programmes are offered in the department:

  • Principles of Carpentry and Joinery
  • Wood Technology
  • Technical Drawing
  • Entrepreneur
The department offers core subjects like:
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies

The Training lasts for three years, after which the students are ready and well equipped in the areas of training highlighted above. Then, they conclude the programme with the following exams and corresponding certificates.

  • Technical Exams Unit Certificate I
  • Technical Exams Unit and National Board for Professional and Technical Exams (NABPTEX) - Certificate II
  • Don Bosco Technical Institute Certificate

The training ends with a compulsory three to six months industrial attachment that must be done in companies and establishments in line with carpentry and woodworks. Without the industrial attachment, the training is not completed. At the completion of the industrial attachment, all the students who meet the requirements for graduation will be graduated and subsequently, Don Bosco Certificate will be awarded.

Carpentry and Woodworks


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